Today there are many people who decide to rent their apartment. Many investors, especially, in large cities they decide to buy a flat to use for rent.

The main objective of renting your apartment is to achieve a good return through a secure process.

If you find yourself in this situation and want to rent your apartment, since Bafre Real Estate We offer you a series of steps that you must take to carry out the operation successfully.

Documents required for the rental

When renting your home you must take into account all the legal procedures. It is essential to have all these documents in order before immersing yourself in the world of rental:

  • Energy certificate of the home or property: It is very important that your home has the certificate offered by each Autonomous Community and that indicates that the property meets the energy efficiency requirements.
  • Certificate of occupancy: All property that is going to be rented as a home must have this ID. Otherwise no one could live there.
  • Verify ownership: The owner must show that the property is in his name, For this, some documents such as the deed or the IBI receipt are necessary.

Documents to request from the tenant

The LAU states that it is Obligation of the owner to request a deposit equivalent to one month's rent for the apartment. This can be used so that when the contract ends, those damages caused in the home can be covered. Once the deposit is collected, you are obliged to deposit it in the corresponding autonomous body.

In addition to the month of deposit, there are other guarantees to request. For example, additional months of deposit may be requested, advances or guarantees to cover possible defaults.


All these procedures and documents are essential for the operation to run smoothly and with a full guarantee.