Who has not dreamed of sleeping in a princess palace, or living millions of adventures while your bed is a pirate ship?

Children's rooms are spaces to which we increasingly attach more importance to interior decoration.

As the children grow, so are their needs, that is why it is so important to create a space in which we can combine games, the storage of all your things and the placement of your clothes, always letting our imagination help us to give it a touch of fantasy.

By children's bedroom we understand the rooms oriented to the stages comprised between the 5 the 12 years, from that moment, rooms are tailored to the needs of a young teenager.

Childhood age is the most important when it comes to educating and building values ​​in the little ones. Teaching them to acquire certain habits from a young age can help us to be able to maintain a certain order in the bedrooms. The first thing you should do is find the theme on which all the decorative elements will rotate. Find images that inspire you and get to work.

  • to get started, think about the color of the walls

In four colors. The winning combination is white, soft gray and light blue on the walls. Use textiles in vibrant colors like yellow, fuchsia or green will give you that unique touch. You can also choose to go a step further and turn the ceiling of the room into a circus tent..

  • Say goodbye to boring furniture

Finding the furniture that helps us form the whole theme of the room is the most important part, although we must not forget that they have functionality.

  • The great protagonist, bed

You will find companies dedicated to the manufacture of all types of beds, from boats, even princess castles. One of the drawbacks we found is that in a few years we have to change the bed for a more functional one.

  • By last, the important use of details

It is not necessary that we copy a theme as is, we can use small details within the decoration without needing to reform the entire room. The choice of top quality materials is very important, For example, use decorations that do not have small pieces so as not to endanger the safety of children.