If you think your life needs a dose of positive energy, you probably need to start with one of the places where you spend the most time: your home.

to get started, let's explain what feng shui is.

It is a Chinese term that means, respectively, wind and water.

The main idea is to keep the positive energy in the spaces, reducing the feeling of negative energies.

How can we get all of this? Through colors, the placement of some furniture, natural light or materials, Among many other things…

  • Less is more: Keep an order

We start with a very important idea both in feng shui and in any type of decoration: Less is more.

Keep our spaces free of unnecessary or cluttered things.

If you are starting with ideas to decorate your house, keep in mind this. Have open spaces, light and luminous that make it easy for us to move. In summary: simplify environments.

  • Furniture layout

This is one of the keys to feng shui. Let's focus on one of the most important furniture: Bed.

The bed is the king of the bedroom, all decoration and furniture should be placed around it, respect the proportions and look for spaciousness, el feng shui se ocupa especialmente de este tema.

The headboard of the bed should not face away from the door, nor exactly in front of her. The ideal bed position is against the corner of the door,

so that we have control of it without being faced with it, es lo que se conoce como “position of power ''

  • The importance of colors

Colors are important whenever we want to give our rooms a more personal look. The yellow, for example, revitalize. Blue is restorative, red according to Feng shui, brings vitality, energy and reduces fatigue. Green color represents stability, hope and fertility. White, represents yang, purity, innocence and clarity. We must flee from total white, to balance that energy with yin.