Coronavirus quarantine forces us to stay home, are stressful days, uncertainty and also boredom. Now, more than ever keep your mind busy and your body moving, even though we can't go to the gym, we should not leave behind our exercise routines. Why? the Spanish Society of Community Nutrition has highlighted the importance of carrying out sports activities for physical development, psychic and social. Also, sport has a great influence on the prevention of many diseases. So, since Bafre we make this proposal of exercise routine with objects that we have at home:

Bed: Stand in front of the bed where you can put your arms up and squat. For it, you need to have a completely straight back, tapping my butt on the floor. Likewise, you can lie on your back on the floor with a mat and flexed legs.

Water bottles: With two bottles of water from 1,5/2 liters each, raise your hands to your shoulders without moving your elbows.



For these exercises we recommend 5 series of 15 repetitions each. Rest between sets would be one minute.

Stair step: A very good option to use it as a step. Place one of your feet on the step, and you, just ahead. Perform a normal squat. In this case, it would be interesting to put weight on the hands to achieve greater results.


Chairs or benches: to support the hands, jump on them, do triceps curl or leg support while performing certain movements.

Towel or mat: to stretch on the floor without hurting ourselves, perform movements that require us to lie down and arm exercises.


The confinement plan may also include a group video call. Many personal trainers have launched programs to make it easier to exercise at home. Remember that sport is an ally in times of quarantine.

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