La agencia inmobiliaria con seis oficinas en España y otras cinco repartidas por varios puntos de China ha decidido aumentar su presupuesto para have a better positioning and online presence, as Long Fang Hu claims, CEO of Bafre the idealist / news. La compañía también busca inversores en Asia para que entren en el mercado español, once the alarm state established by the covid-19 is lifted.

The health and economic crisis has forced the real estate sector to reinvent itself. The business fabric related to brick has suffered a break in the stabilization phase, after several years of growth. All the ‘players’ in the market have begun to rearm to endure as long as possible the duration of the confinement. In this sense, las agencias inmobiliarias han decidido apostar por la digitalización para estar lo más cerca posible de sus clientes. Offices have been closed for more than a month - from the past 13 of March- and the internet is presented as the only solution to maintain a relatively normal activity.

Bafre is one of the real estate companies that has reacted the most to this difficult situation and, especially, one of those that has best understood what is happening because it also has a presence in China - the country where the coronavirus arose -. In this line, la compañía liderada por Long Fang Hu ha decidido apostar de una manera muy clara por la red de redes. "We are promoting all online marketing, throught social media, Youtube, Adwords, etc. Hemos aumentado el presupuesto y las acciones para tener un mejor posicionamiento y presencia online”, affirms the head of the agency.

This investment has translated into improvements in the services the agency offers its clients.. "We have almost the 100% de nuestras viviendas con realidad virtual. We are also shooting videos with stabilizer and 4K quality ”, explains Fang Hu. Also, the agency has also launched some initiatives to encourage interaction with the homes that Bafre has in the market. “Taking advantage of this strength, We have created a campaign called #bafreVR. It consists of giving prizes to users who find Easter eggs that we have hidden in our homes with virtual reality. Also, to motivate participation, in addition to the prize we will raffle virtual glasses ”, snap Fang Hu.

For this agency, technology will play a very important role also in the post-coronavirus crisis, although they trust it as a complement and not as a substitute for the traditional way of selling. "New technologies will take on greater importance and complement the current way of selling. That is to say, not that it will change, but it will complement ", affirm the CEO of Bafre.

Regarding the future of the sector, Bafre forecasts a recovery for the first quarter of 2021. "Being optimistic", nuanced from the company. In this line, real estate agency predicts a decrease in demand, but also intuits an increase in the "quality" of the client. "Property owners will have to adjust their prices to sell. En cuanto a nuestro negocio seguirá igual porque there will be sales, only the profiles will change. En Bafre ya vivimos en 2008 this situation, the difference that we intuit is that it will be a shorter period in time ", narrates the visible head of the company.

Also, From the real estate they transmit total tranquility to their clients and explain how their relationship with them is being in these difficult times. "In general, customers are happy with Bafre. Siguen trabajando con nosotros. They understand the current situation and also know the actions we are taking, from what you see we are not standing y que estamos tomando medidas para continuar el proceso de venta”, afirma Fang Hu. Also, Bafre does not throw balls outside or evade responsibilities. "The Government has not proposed measures for our sector, but in the end it depends on the companies how to solve this situation ”, sentence the CEO in this regard.

[Source: Idealista]