The number of mortgages constituted on houses in Spain stood last month of May in 34.883, what represents a 11,2% more than in the same period of 2018, according to data published this Friday by the Statistics National Institute (OTHER).

Compared to April, The home mortgage firm grew a 20,2% and so far this year accumulates a rise in 11,7%. The average amount on these mortgages reached 124.131 euros, with an increase in 5%, and the capital loaned was 4.330 millions, a 16,8% plus.

Interest rates

He type of interest average in home mortgages was 2,62% (a 0,6% higher than May 2018) and the average term of 24 years. He 57,4% of mortgages on housing was established at variable and the 42,6% a fixed rate. Those that were fixed rate experienced an increase in 12,6% in annual rate.

The average interest rate at the beginning was 2,34% for variable rate home mortgages (with a decrease in 1,2%) and of 3,1% for fixed rate (a 1,8% mayor).

In sum, the number of properties mortgaged in May stood at 48.241, a 12,6% more than a year ago. Of this figure, 1.545 they were rustic (-17,8%) and 46.696 they were urban (+14%).

By autonomous communities, the regions with the highest number of home mortgages were Andalusia (6.572), Catalonia (6.042) and Community of Madrid (5.816).

Communities with higher annual rates in the number of home mortgages were Castilla y León (40,2%), Balearic Islands (29,5%) and Extremadura (29,1%). For his part, the lowest annual variation rates corresponded to Canary Islands (–37,2%), Navarra (–11,3%) and the Basque Country (0,9%).

Mortgages with changes

On the other hand, the total number of mortgages with changes in their conditions recorded in the property registers stood at 6.210, a 9,4% less than in May 2018.

Attending to the kind of change in the conditions, in May there were 5.353 novaciones (or modifications produced with the same financial entity), with an annual decrease of 1,5%. For his part, the number of operations that change entities (subrogations to the creditor) dropped a 32,3% and the one of mortgages in which the holder of the mortgaged property changes (subrogations to the debtor) decreases a 54%.

Of the 6.210 mortgages with changes in their conditions, he 35,2% are due to changes in interest rates. After the change of conditions, the percentage of mortgages at fixed interest increased from 9,8% al 18,4%, while that of variable interest mortgages decreased from 89,3% al 80,7%.

[Source: 20minutes]