The crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic worldwide, will leave us directly or indirectly many effects, and culture is one of them. In Madrid are the majority of those affected, museums such as the Prado, Thyssen or Reina Sofía decided to close their doors last Thursday. The measures taken to stop infections are similar to those established by our neighboring country, Italy. In these circumstances, new ideas arise to promote the responsibility of being in our homes and make quarantine more bearable..

We leave you a list of five museums that allow us to visit them virtually. A good option to travel without the need to leave home:

  • Prado Museum, Madrid

Every day at 10:00h in the morning, museum opening time, some news will be released through your networks. From frame analysis, reflections, etc.

The initiative invites us all to join us through the hashtag #PradoContigo.

  • Uffizi Gallery, Florence (Italy)

One of the most visited places in the Italian city, collects one of the oldest and most recognized art collections in the world.

  • Louvre Museum, Paris (France)

The Louvre museum is the most visited art museum in the whole world, We are also in front of one of the largest museums. Une colecciones privadas de la alta sociedad y de reyes para el disfrute de todos.


  • National Gallery of Art, Washington (USA)

Your entry is free, It is a museum financed by a public and a private part, their main income comes from private donations. Given the difficulty not only of being able to visit it, but also to leave the country, We leave you an option to visit it.

  • Vatican museums, Roma (Italy)

This set of rooms and art collections belonging to the church are open to the public, this set is considered one of the most important in the world. Their website offers us schedules, buy tickets and recently virtual tours, videos and photos of its rooms.