This next weekend takes place the most terrifying night of the year, Although these days we cannot make many plans from Bafre Inmobiliaria we propose some small ideas to decorate your Halloween house and turn Halloween into an unforgettable event.


Source: Aliexpress

An easy and cheap way to start your Halloween decoration is with garlands. You will simply have to draw the elements that you like the most, ghosts, pumpkins, bats on a cardboard and carefully cut it out.

Flying bats

Source: 4crazykings

If you are thinking of decorating the walls and you do not know with what, these black cardboard bats will add a special touch to your Halloween night. We advise you to stick them near windows or doors, so it will seem more real.

A very terrifying kitchen

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The kitchen will be one of the spaces that we need to decorate the most. We advise you to take glass jars and put chilling elements such as spiders or fake body parts such as fingers or feet in them. Also, in this part you can stand out with your culinary skills and make a Halloween menu for the occasion.

Halloween door decoration

Source : Crafted Sparrow

The door is one of the main elements of your home that you should decorate. You can put a crown of skulls and flowers, Katrina style or something scarier like hanging ghosts can.

Lighting is very important

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If you want your house, it really looks like a witch's house you should forget about the white or yellow light and bet on colors like violet or blue that will help you create a mysterious and evil environment. Don't forget the use of candles, this will create shadows and offer an even creepier look.


If you decide to decorate your house with these ideas, do not hesitate and let us know.