It is well known by all that the sale of a home is not always an easy task. From Bafre Inmobiliaria we offer you a series of tips to get your property sold easily and quickly.


-Leave the home in the hands of professionals:

Putting yourself in the hands of experts will help us streamline the entire process. Also, among the benefits of hiring a real estate agent is not having to show the house, take calls or deal face-to-face with the prospective salesperson over the price. Bafre Gestión y Servicios Inmobiliarios is a company specialized in the real estate and real estate sector with more than sixteen years of experience in the sector.

-Adjust prices to the market:

The strategy of trying to put a higher price and then lower it is not recommended if you want short-term results. What will help find potential buyers is to sell your property at a price close to its market value. From Bafre Inmobiliaria we will help you set a price, since we know very well the real prices and what is being sold.

– Highlight the qualities of the home, but objectively:

It is important to try to highlight the elements of the property that make it more attractive in the eyes of the buyer. Yes, always doing it in a realistic and objective way, without creating false expectations. From Bafre Inmobiliaria we have a marketing department in charge of making descriptions in a professional way.

-Clean and tidy:

You have to give the house a good cleaning layer, especially in bathrooms and kitchen. Even though we think not, many operations are ruined by this question. Making a good impression on potential buyers is essential.

-Be willing to negotiate:

Nowadays, negotiation is essential when selling your home. It is very likely that the future buyer will try a reduction of the property. From Bafre we will give you the recommended price of your home and avoid unnecessary negotiations or those that do not come close to the most appropriate price.


Thus, If you are thinking of selling your home in a good way and quickly, do not hesitate and contact us. We will be happy to assist you!