Madrid has become the second destination chosen for investment Property linked to the Golden Visa, that is to say, those visas to reside in Spain through the payment of properties of more than 500000 euros.

Since the visas were approved, does already four years, the capital has managed to attract 14,9 % from the investment (with 490 millions of euros), only surpassed by Barcelona. The third place in this ranking is occupied by Malaga. According to data from the European Parliament Research Service (EPRS).

The largest investment in Madrid was performed by a Chinese citizen through 27,5 millions of euros. At the national level, highlights the purchase of a property of 48 millions of euros in the Balearic Islands, by, too, another national chino.

Something very evident with the nationality that occupies the first place in the granting of these permits, the chinese with a 37, 5% (1.236 visas / authorizations). Secondly, are located russians , with the 26, 4 % (870 visas / authorizations) and in third position are citizens Ukrainians, with the 3,8 % (124 visas / authorizations). The same positions are occupied by investment amount.

Visas for entrepreneurs

At the national level, have been issued 414 reports for the obtaining the Golden Visa, what it would mean 302,5 millions of euros and the estimated number of jobs is 6.379.

He 48, 1% of the projects will be located in the capital of Spain, with 199. Followed by Barcelona, with the 29 % (120), and the rest are spread across the rest of the country.

By nationality, the American citizens occupy the first position with 74 favorable projects (17,0%), the second position corresponds to those of Venezuelan nationality with 33 favorable projects (7,6%) and the third position to those of nationality Russian with 32 favorable projects (7,4%).

Total, have been issued 42.521 visas and residence permits since its approval. From them, 20.053 visas and authorizations have been granted to applicants from the various categories and 22.468 to relatives.

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[Source: Europa Press]