In the first half of the year they were sold 53.359 estate a foreign, with which a new record is reached. This supposes a 5,6% more than in the same period of the previous year.

As reported by the General Council of Notaries, these figures are similar to those that occurred in the year 2006, before the bubble burst.

Until the sixth month of the year, a 18,7% of the home sales came from the hand of foreign. The rest of purchases correspond to resident aliens, that have already been established in Spain, who increased their purchases by 11,1%.

The communities where foreigners buy the most are those of the Mediterranean and the islas. Comprando el 39,4% of the flats in the Canary Islands, he 35,6% In the Valencian community, he 34,1% in the Balearic Islands and the 27,4% in Murcia.

By nationalities, the most active buyers were the British, what did you guys buy 7.613 households (he 14,3% of all sold to foreigners) and they grew a 8,8%. After the British, the French (4.211 operations, which suppose the 7,9% about the sales, and they were reduced a 4,6%) and Germans (4.138 operations, a 7,8%, they lowered their purchases a 2,1%). In Catalonia, the Moroccans (13%) are the nationality that more houses purchase, ahead of French (10%). However, the French non-residents are the great leaders of that category (44%) far away from Germans (7%). And in Madrid the romanian (19%) are the resident aliens that more houses buy, whereas most of non-residents are Chinese (18%) e Italians (7%).

The only exception is Galicia, where the largest nationality both between non-residents and between residents is Portuguese.

[Source: The country , The vanguard]