Real estate agents podrán retomar las visitas a inmuebles y locales para gestiones relacionadas con actividades o negocios comerciales, incluso acompañados de clientes y aún encontrándose en territorios que continúen en la phase 0 of the de-escalation.

This is reported this Saturday by the General Council of the Official Colleges of Real Estate Agents of Spain after consultations and contacts with the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, through its CEO, Francisco Javier Martin Ramiro, and the president of the Council, Gerard Duel Ferrer.

Commercial agents will again be able to organize visits in their real estate businesses, and they can do it accompanied by clients as long as the premises are uninhabited, o la visita se realice cuando éste se encuentre vacío y residence time sea el mínimo imprescindible para la gestión a realizar.

That is to say, if the owners live in the property, they must leave the same y esperar fuera o donde quieran.

También es fundamental que se tomen las adequate security measures para la prevención del contagio, individual protection and distancing, both between client and commercial agent.

They must also heed all the warnings that have been promoting for weeks from the Ministry of Health, and everything for “recover the activity in the sector with the minimum risk of contagion”.

[Source: 20 minutes]