The best Christmas ideas to decorate your home adapted to all budgets:

This year, even if it is atypical, we must not lose the Christmas spirit, to celebrate this beautiful time we don't need much budget either. We just need a little ingenuity and a lot of enthusiasm. Here we go!

Create our own snowflakes with straws

This ornament could not be more simple and original. We have to choose some straws that we like and that can also give us the Christmas touch. I recommend choosing colors like red or green, but if we want to give a more personal touch we can dare to give a golden or silver touch in our house.

Pendant lights

The lights are always the greatest success to decorate our house, in addition to being able to serve us after Christmas to give a warm touch to the decoration.

Reuse your old wine bottles

Paint white with spray and give it a Christmas touch with snow foam spray. Place some branches in metallic tones inside and that's it.

Give a personal touch with candles created by yourself

Used old glass jars, some candles inside and decorate your candle holder in a personal and unique way. You can use pinecones for a more rustic touch or even bright colored ribbons around the boat.