• Home loans have increased a 11% in that month

The purchase and sale of housing has increased by 17,5% YoY in May, with a total of 47.145 transactions, as reported by the Notary Information Center.

By type of dwelling, The sale of flats has shown an interannual increase of 18,1% (13,7% in the seasonally adjusted series) and the one of free price flats, a 19,2%.

The General Council of Notaries indicates that this increase in transactions for free apartments is due both to the expansion of sales of second-hand apartments (20,4%) as the increase in the sale of new apartments (6,5% year-on-year). For his part, the sale of single-family homes has shown an increase in 14,8% year-on-year.

In terms of average price, the square meter of houses bought in May cost 1.318 euros, with a slight increase in the 0,3% year-on-year.

This increase in the square meter of housing is due, exclusively, to the increase in the price of the square meter of apartments (1,6%), since the square meter of single-family homes has been reduced by 3,5% year-on-year. For his part, the square meter of the free price apartments has increased by 1,6%.

Within these, the price per square meter for second-hand flats has reached 1.448 euros (1,4% year-on-year) and the one with the new floors, the 1.798 euros (3,4% year-on-year).

By last, in May the sale of other properties has accounted for 11.712 operations (21,5% year-on-year), of which a 42,6% corresponded to land or plots. The average price per square meter of these last transactions is 237 euros (254,3% year-on-year).

More smaller loans

Mortgage loans for the acquisition of real estate increased in May by 11% year-on-year (with 22.049 loans), while, its average amount has been set at 134.285 euros, a 2,3% less year-on-year.

Specific, the General Council of Notaries attributes the increase for the acquisition in a 11,7% year-on-year for housing and an increase in 2,5% for the acquisition of other properties.

On the whole, a total of 29.412 during the month of may, which supposes an interannual fall of the 1,4% (-5,2% in the seasonally adjusted series).

The average amount of such loans has been at 155.482 euros, thus reflecting a drop in 5,9% year-on-year.

In the case of housing, the average capital of 125.738 euros has meant a decrease in 2,6% year-on-year and for the rest of properties the average loan has reached 235.749 euros (1,6% year-on-year).

For his part, the percentage of home purchases financed by a mortgage loan has reached 43,3% and the amount of the loan has assumed on average the 76,7%.

[Source: The Economist]