The one known as Golden Visa Spain The Visa Oro consists of a residence visa special for investors, that allows to reside in Spain and who has a work permit. According to data from the Ministry of Economy , a total of 41.094 permissions, mostly to Chinese and Russians at the close of 2017.

Is Golden Visa posibilita al titular de la misma traer a España a sus relatives, spouse, minor children e children of legal age that are dependents.

Thanks to this permission, the applicant has the option of reside and to work in Spain for one year, except when real estate is purchased through a down payment contract that is 6 months. When the deposit agreement has already been formalized, visa must be requested.

Once the year happened, you have to ask for one residence authorization, which has an initial permanence of 2 years (can be expandable).

This visa serves to allow investors to apply for residence with more advantage than with other residence permits.. Also, it is an opportunity for those who wish to obtain Spanish nationality.

What requirements must be fulfilled?

In order to acquire this Golden Visa The Visa Oro it is necessary to meet a series of requirements such as:

  • The investor cannot belong to the European Union, or that the law of the European Union is applicable to it as a beneficiary of the rights of free movement and residence
  • Be older than 18 years.
  • The investor must have financial means enough to cover the costs of your stay without working in Spain. This would involve 26.500 euros in the investor's tank and 6.600 euros for each family member annually.
  • Not have criminal record in the last 5 years in any country.
  • The investor can never be denied entry to any of the countries belonging to the treaty "Schengen”Or no other country with a valid agreement with Spain.
  • The investor cannot be entered The remained of illegal way in Spain.
  • You must have access to a private medical insurance The public during their stay.
  • The person who is going to invest must not have any contagious infectious disease, of those found in the International Health Regulations 2005, as well as any other that meets the criteria established by the RSI, other biological events, radiological or chemical that meet the RSI criteria.

Who can request it?

Those who invest in Spain may request it:

  • Real estate assets (500.000 €)
  • Bank stocks or deposits (1 million €)
  • Public debt (2 million €)

Likewise,may be requested by those who carry out business projects in Spain considered of general interest:

  • Projects involving the creation of jobs.
  • Making an investment with socioeconomic impact in the geographical area where it will be developed.
  • Projects that make a relevant contribution to scientific and / or technological innovation.

How to present the documentation?

The documents must be presented in the Spanish consulate from the investor's home country, either from personal way or by representative (duly authorized).

Available one week since the documentation is delivered to present them to the corresponding body. Also, a maximum period of 20 days for resolution.

Once the authorization is accepted, if the investor is in another territory, have one month to apply for the visa in the Spanish consulate of the corresponding country. Once granted, has to travel to Spain to order the residence permit (with the approved documents).

Already in Spanish territory, will be available one month to get the request and footprint at any police station and thus obtain the Foreign Identity Card.

He Bafre's investment department is in charge of managing and coordinating investor visits to Madrid for the purchase of real estate assets. Thanks to our legal department we advise and help to process the Golden Visa to our clients.

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