According to the data from the real estate portal of the month of April, the price of the used home for sale fell by 0,1% with respect to the month of March and the year-on-year variation stands at a +2,8%. During the month of April 26 provinces rose in price compared to the previous month.

This month's report confirms the trend of moderation in the prices of recent 6 months but no sharp decline is observed in April, this may be because the owners are not yet making large price cuts. Surely, the influence of the Coronavirus health crisis, we will see it in the coming months, when the economic crisis worsens after the state of alarm, the increase in unemployment and the need for cash from some owners.

The real estate portal observes a further decrease in the price of the used home for sale during the month of April compared to March. The average price of the square meter of the used home for sale is located in 1.733 Euros versus 1.734 Euros ended March.

Ranking of the Most Expensive / Cheap Provinces to Buy a Home in April

Balearic Islands (3.276€/m2), Barcelona (3.126€/m2) and Biscay (2.997€/m2) they are still the most expensive provinces, Guipúzcoa follows (2.978€/m2) and Madrid (2.761€/m2). Conversely, Real city (1.137€/m2), Lion (1.140€/m2), Badajoz (1.184€/m2), Palencia (1.186€/m2) and Cáceres (1.226€/m2) are the provinces where the price per square meter is lower.

Provinces and capitals that have fallen / risen the most in the month of April

The Spanish provinces in which the price of housing fell the most during the month of April were: Palencia (-0,9%), Pontevedra (-0,9%), Cuenca (-0,8%), A Coruña (-0,7%) and Soria (-0,6%). Conversely, the provinces with the highest price increases were: The Rioja (0,6%), Lleida (0,5%), Toledo (0,4%), Girona (0,4%) and Ávila (0,4%).

The provincial capitals that fell the most in price during the month of April: Toledo (-1,3%), Bilbao (-0,3%), Badajoz (-0,3%), Murcia (-0,1%) and Almería (-0,1%). On the contrary, the capitals that rose the most in price were: She. Cruz Tenerife (0,9%), A Coruña (0,7%), Palma de Mallorca (0,6%), Barcelona (0,5%) and Valencia (0,5%)

What has happened in the great Capitals during the month of April?

Analyzing the prices for the month of April in Madrid and Barcelona Capital, the 2 capitals rise in price, Madrid does it a 0,4% and Barcelona a 0,5%. The average price per square meter is located in 3.710 Euros in Madrid and 3.675 Euros in Barcelona. Examining by District, Salamanca stands out in Madrid, Chamartín, Chamberí and Retiro with an average price per square meter of 5.219 Euros and in Barcelona: Eixample, Les Corts, Sarrià-Sant Gervasi and Ciutat Vella with an average price per square meter of 5.059 Euros.

In two of the most important national capitals like Seville (2.469 €/m2) and Valencia (2.272 €/m2). The two capitals rise in price during the month of April, a 0,2% Seville and a 0,5% Valencia. The districts of Nervión, Los Remedios and Casco Antiguo are the most expensive in Seville with an average price of 3.615 € / m2 and in Valencia, Old City, L ’Example and Camins al Grau with an average price of 3.559 €/m2.