He housing prices experienced a slight recoil between July and September 2018 of the 0,3%, according to calculations made public this Thursday by the College of Registrars. This slowdown implies that the average annual increase so far in the 2018 is situated in the 6,7%. The data of the College of Registrars also reflect that in the third quarter they registered 133.295 sales, he 0,7% less that in the last quarter.

Yes in the 2014 the house price touched its historical minimum recent, the comparison with the third quarter of the 2018 leave one bone scan of the value the 26,5% older than then. However, With respect to 2007, when maximums were reached, the current price is the 18,5% lower.

In new housing they are registered in the third quarter of the 2018 a total of 23.420 sales, he 3,4% more than in the previous quarter, thereby intensifying the growth of the second quarter (1,6%). In used housing, However, They registered 109.875 sales, with a decrease in 1,5% about him second quarter, result that contrasts with the growth of the previous quarter, what happened to 4,5%.

[Source: The newspaper]