In the current situation in which we find ourselves, we are at home many more hours than usual. Being locked up at home can be a little boring, but it can also help us to do those cleaning tasks that we had abandoned.

Having a safe and adequate home capable of welcoming us in the best possible way until the end of the emergency is key to the fight against COVID-19..

Therefore, From Bafre we give you this series of tips to do a thorough cleaning:

Order first:

The first step in cleaning is order. It is a good time to organize those "junk" that we have around the house. Also, we can take advantage to get rid of what we no longer need.

Kitchen and bathroom:

The places where a deeper cleaning should be done are the bathroom and the kitchen, since it is where the main sources of infection are located. It is important to have products based on chlorine and ammonia and to use disposable gloves.

Household clothing:

It is the moment to present to the clothes of the home a little attention such as the sofa, curtains, bedding ... since that is where we have the most contact and where the greatest points of infection can be located.


It is good to use ammonia to clean the windows, since they have a degreasing and cleaning effect. It must be dissolved with water and used as on previous occasions, disposable gloves.

Regarding the frames, if they are made of PVC, they advise avoiding dry cloths that can scratch them. Just moisten a cloth with a little mild detergent.

Beyond washing our hands:

Washing our hands is the most effective measure to avoid contagion. But we can carry out more measures such as vacuuming the doormat at the entrance or cleaning the plastic containers of the products we have purchased..