In COVID-19 times, many are those who have to telework from home. In many cases, our homes are not prepared for it. In this post, We will try to help all those who think that it is difficult to set up their own home office.

The following tips will help us to make our teleworking place as functional and enjoyable as possible.

The first step we must follow is the location. We should find a quiet place in the house, soundproofed, with good internet connection and with available plugs to connect the equipment.

One of the most important things is lighting. We must choose a place with a pleasant atmosphere and if possible with natural light, if not possible experts recommend choosing lighting similar to sunlight.

Once we have decided where we will settle, it is important to separate or differentiate it from the rest of the room. This will help both users and people living with us to identify and respect the work area..

Keep all work materials organized. The order in the available spaces is very important, thus giving greater importance to the spaces that we have more at hand for the organization of the most used objects.

Choose ergonomic and flexible furniture, those that allow us to work in a comfortable posture. The chair is the essential element, will help us maintain proper posture while working. It is advisable to choose chairs with lumbar support, adjustable seats and recline functions.

These are difficult days for all of us, but with patience and solidarity we will make everything more bearable. Much encouragement and remember:

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