• Lets get up to 100% compatibility between future buyers and properties that the company sells.

Bafre Inmobiliaria has created a new tool to help potential clients find the home that best suits their interests. Baptized as Inmomatch, allows you to get up to 100% compatibility between future buyers and properties that the company sells.

The operation is very simple. Once a client requests information about a home or enters looking for something in particular, it will be saved in Inmomatch and this data will be crossed with the entire portfolio of properties. This way it will be possible to establish what level of compatibility exists between possible clients and properties.

David Ramon, Marketing Director of Bafre Inmobiliaria, notes that "Es a tool that arises to be able to respond to all the demand for sale that currently exists and, also, it is a way of giving a more personalized treatment to our clients, since if we find a home that matches the characteristics you are looking for, you will be contacted immediately ".

The tool will grant a higher percentage to characteristics such as district, neighborhood or number of rooms, than, along with other features of the property, will make the perfect "match" between buyer and home.

With the creation of Inmomatch, owner customers will also benefit, as, also, that your home can be shown to more customers, commercials will have to fill out at least one 70% of the data and characteristics of this.

The real estate company that is currently preparing new actions to “get closer” to its clients, expect a good reception of this project.

About Bafre Servicios Inmobiliarios

Founded in the year 2004, Bafre is a real estate agency with its own network of offices that currently operates in the Community of Madrid. Manages the sale and rental of second-hand properties and markets new construction. It also offers financing and after-sales services..

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