Do you want to win different prizes🛍 since 🏠 mientras te diviertes con nuestra realidad virtual 📸💻? Con la nueva campaña #bafreVR es posible

Os dejamos el artículo que ha realizado about the project:


The current coronavirus crisis has caused companies to innovate and seek alternatives for their business. Bafre Inmobiliaria wants to encourage visits to their homes during this period of confinement, y para ello lanza la campaña #bafreVR con premios to those who find various "Easter eggs", escondidos en algunos de los inmuebles con realidad virtual. The prizes will go from smartphones, up to SmartTV, game consoles, travels, etc.

According to Bafre, "The current crisis has changed the real estate sector. We have to use new technologies more than ever, and thus offer our users new ideas and incentives to access our properties. And virtual reality is the best technology for visiting our properties online right now. ”

David Ramon, marketing director of Bafre Inmobiliaria, ensures that "virtual reality is a service that we have already been offering since 2018 through our own department. Not having the outsourced service, almost all of our homes have virtual reality. Through this technology, We take the experience of visiting an apartment to new dimensions. ”

Bafre Inmobiliaria will reward the user who finds the three "Easter eggs" hidden in three properties al azar. And it will also raffle virtual glasses every week among users who follow them on Facebook. The new campaign is called #bafreVR.

"The best of virtual reality", comment from Bafre, "Is that there is no need to use virtual glasses, it can be managed from any device or web browser. ”

To participate in the raffles and win the various prizes they will offer, it will only be necessary to follow them on social networks. Once the user finds the three Easter eggs, tan sólo deberá compartir las referencias en Facebook with the hastag #bafreVR. También podrá entrar en el perfil de Instagram of Bafre.

"To make it easier", David Ramón continues, "The campaign will be accompanied by an app where all our VR are found, to make searching easier. Also, we will give clues through our social networks ”.

Through this campaign, the company hopes to reactivate the interest in the sale of flats in Madrid, even from house confinement.

Source: Idealista