The coronavirus has become the protagonist in our days and, how not, the quarantine that we live for him, too. It is important that we try to spend these days of confinement entertaining. The number of hours we will spend in our homes (alone or in company) have opened up a huge range of possibilities to enjoy free time.

From Bafre Inmobiliaria we join the challenge #YoMeQuedoEnCasa and we propose a series of plans for you to take advantage of these days.

Organize pending matters:

We must take advantage of doing things that we always leave aside. For example: clean the photo gallery of your mobile, organize the closet, order the storage room ...

Learn new things:

It is important to follow a routine, where you set goals and try to meet them. You can take a course on something you have always wanted to do or try to perfect what you already do well. Eye! If you have pending work or ongoing projects, do not add more activity than you can do; focus on the one you already have.


Exercising at home is a good way to stay in shape., also, it has a psychological factor that contributes to the desire of many people to be active. The natural generation of endorphins produced in the body increases with physical activities, helping to improve mood and reducing stress and anxiety.

Spend time with your family:

How long have you not been all together? Take advantage of those moments to make up for lost time that many times we lose for our daily life. Especially, if you have kids at home try to make plans with them, games, Crafts, watch movies…


A good way to avoid time is with reading.. We offer you several alternatives with free books that you can download:

National Library: These days you can take the opportunity to read any of the titles that are freely accessible in the Hispanic Digital Library.

Amazon: within the wide catalog of Amazon products and services, is your free library, inside Kindle eBooks.


If you can think of more ideas to do these days, we will be happy to hear them, you can share them in the comments with the hashtag #Baffle helps home