The price of used housing in Spain has registered a decrease of 0,5% During the month of July, standing at 1.546 euros / m2, according to the latest idealista real estate price index. If we look at the data from July 2016 (1.530 euros / m2) the interannual increase is of 1%. The price has only increased by 2 of the 17 CCAA: Madrid and Balearic Islands.

Autonomous communities

The price has only increased by 2 of the 17 communities. The highest rise has been recorded in the Balearic Islands, where the owners ask for a 2,7% more for their homes than a month ago, followed by the rise of Madrid (1,3%). In the Basque Country, prices did not move while the biggest drop occurred in Castilla-La Mancha (-1,7%), followed by Asturias (-1,3%) and Murcia (-1,2%).

Basque Country (2.487 euros / m2) continues to be the most expensive autonomy. They are followed by the Community of Madrid (2.443 euros / m2) and Balearic Islands (2.274 euros / m2). On the opposite side of the table we find Castilla-La Mancha (905 euros / m2), Estremadura (928 euros / m2) and Murcia (1.020 euros / m2), which are the cheapest communities.


They are only 8 the Spanish provinces that kept their prices positive during the month of July. The price has grown a 2,7% in the Balearic Islands, a 1,3% in Madrid and a 1,2% In Malaga. The greatest fall has occurred in the province of Cuenca (-3,2%), followed by Toledo (-2,6%), Lleida (-2,6%), Soria and Castellón (-2,5% in both cases).
The ranking of the most expensive provinces remains unchanged, headed by the Basque provinces of Guipúzcoa and Vizcaya, with 2.707 euros / m2 and 2.568 euros / m2 respectively. Behind them are Madrid (2.443 euros / m2) and Barcelona (2.353 euros / m2).

Toledo is the cheapest province with a price of 793 euros for every square meter. Ávila follow (825 euros / m2) and Cuenca (852 euros / m2).


During the month of July the number of capitals that have risen in price has been 19. The steepest rise is that experienced by Malaga, where the expectations of the owners grew a 3,6%. In Palma the increase has been 3,4%, while in Madrid it has been located in the 2,2%. In Segovia they have uploaded a 2%, while in Almería they have done a 1,5%. En Barcelona han subido un 0,9% in this month, in which Lleida and Teruel have marked the biggest drop with a -3,3%. They are followed by the declines of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (-2,9%), Soria (-2,3%), Logroño and Oviedo (-2% in both cases).

Barcelona remains the most expensive city in Spain, with 4.294 euros / m2, followed by San Sebastián (3.896 euros / m2) and Madrid (3.116 euros / m2). Lleida, instead, It is the cheapest, with their 869 euros / m2, followed by Ávila (946 euros / m2) and Castellón de la Plana (975 euros / m2).

The idealista property price index

idealista is currently the most used real estate marketplace in Spain to buy, sell or rent. With a sample of thousands of homes currently for sale, the idealista studies department carries out an analysis of real estate prices since the year 2000. After 17 years of study, idealista has become the benchmark data source for numerous bank and financial analysis teams, as well as public institutions.

For the realization of the idealista real estate price index, we have analyzed 402.113 announcements that were advertised in its database on 27 July 2017. To ensure the accuracy of the data, those properties whose prices were out of market have been removed from the sample., in addition to the single-family homes because their presence distorted the price in some areas. The idealista real estate index is prepared with offer prices on built square meters.