Every time we have less space in our houses and more things to store, if this is your case, congratulations you are in the right place.

Then, We present you a series of constitutional furniture that can help us save space and get more out of our areas.

Sideboard and desk


Now more than ever, in the times we live in we need functional furniture, that serve us both as decoration and tools to be able to work. This sideboard becomes a desk for our telework days.

Mesa transformable


The multifunctional of these nesting tables give us an extra when decorating. Three tables in one, to be used as a coffee table or as an extra table to put near our sofa.




This futuristic oval shaped mirror, it has an interface to listen to music inside. It is one of the smart furniture that can help us make being at home more enjoyable.

Smart furniture that helps us stay calm

Source: Domusweb

There is nothing better than being able to relax in silence when you get home, for this they have created the Wkufuru collection. Tables and chairs that absorb ambient sound, giving our home peace and quiet.