The Community of Madrid has agreed with the main agents of the real estate sector to promote a Regional Pact for Housing to mitigate the economic effects of Covid-19.

In the course of the meeting, that has been made today by video call, se ha abordado la necesidad de improve and make taxation and financing conditions more flexible, both in the purchase of housing and in the rental market. Likewise, se ha puesto de relieve la necessary public-private collaboration, with the mobilization of soils and their corresponding uses y también una mayor seguridad jurídica que genere confianza, giving greater stability and regulatory clarity.

On the other hand, support for the social economy has also been discussed., “where housing is a basic pillar in personal and professional development, that contributes to structuring the future of housing policy”, explains the regional government in a note.

Specifically, the Minister of Housing and Local Administration, David Perez, se ha reunido con representantes de ASPRIMA y APCE (Juan Antonio Gómez Pintado); FCV-Conco (Juan Casares); AGV (José Luis Grajera); the emptiness (Fernando Lacadena); COAPI (Jaime Cabrero); AMADEI (Miguel Ángel Gómez); ACI (Ricardo Martí-Fluxá); Coamo (Bethlehem Hermida); SMOOTH (Eloy Bohúa); AVS (Jerónimo Escalera); and Castellana Norte District (Juan José Arias).

Together they have analyzed the critical moment facing the economic market as a consequence of the evolution of the pandemic, as well as the need to offer a transversal and immediate response that reverses, as far as possible, this situation.

“The regional government highlights the strength, the unity and high capacity of initiatives and proposals that have been presented during the meeting held today, with the different real estate agents, to try to reverse this situation”, Pérez points out.

The Minister of Housing and Local Administration agreed with the rest of the participants in the meeting that the current complex situation should serve as a stimulus and become “a real opportunity” to carry out the much-needed transformation that the sector demands, than is called to be one of the main supports of the economic recovery.

“For all these reasons, we consider that it is time to sign a Regional Housing Pact., to help us overcome this situation”, Pérez points out.

Otro de los asuntos tratados ha sido la necesaria administrative flexibility and agility that prevents the market from slowing down, allowing to move forward -and conclude in your case- all those actions launched and threatening to be suspended by the evolution of COVID-19, as well as establishing the necessary definition of modes of access to housing.

“Have a sufficient and stable financing model and continue working on urban rehabilitation and regeneration, as a sustainable model for improving the Madrid real estate park, closely linked to R + D + I, have been other highlights of the meeting”, they explain in a note.

Housing Sector Conference, Urbanism and Land

On the other hand, David Pérez recalled that, in the same way that it is necessary at this time to sign a regional agreement on this matter, lo es igualmente tackle the housing problem in a national key. In this sense, the counselor transferred the past 27 February, on behalf of the Executive chaired by Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the need for the central government to immediately convene the Sectoral Conference on Housing, Urbanism and Land.

This meeting, through the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, must serve “so that the autonomous communities have a voice and participate in the plans of the Government of the nation in the matter of housing”, Pérez explained, “demand that today has not been met”.

[Source: the Economist]