• With this new schedule, there is more time to show the properties with security protocols
  • Family conciliation of its employees is also favored and made more flexible

From next Monday 16 of November, Bafre Inmobiliaria will indefinitely change its customer service hours in all its street offices, by adapting the typical business hours with a mid-day break, for a continuous schedule, Thanks to which they will be able to attend their clients during the week without interruption, from the 10 in the morning, until 20 hours.

The promoter of this new schedule has been its General Director, Long Fang Hu: “in the face of the new health emergency situation derived from the Covid 19, we are going to implement measures that are already used successfully in some Asian countries; even if It is something that we have been studying for years to have a more European schedule. With the continuous schedule we manage to facilitate our clients the visits to the properties, and we space these visits more, providing greater security. Also, there are other positive factors, how to take advantage of natural light. "

Bafre is a leader in the management of Golden Visa to Asian investors in Madrid, so he is aware of how the real estate sector is behaving in those countries. This knowledge is helping the company to implement various strategies that are promoting sales., such as live tours through virtual reality.

Another novelty will be that Bafre's commercial advisers will be able to enjoy alternate free Fridays, from the 14:00 hours.

“We want to facilitate and make the family conciliation in the company more flexible. And that our employees have more time to promote consumption in other sectors ", comment from Bafre.

About Bafre Servicios Inmobiliarios

Founded in the year 2004, Bafre is a real estate agency with its own network of offices that currently operates in the Community of Madrid. Manages the sale and rental of second-hand properties and markets new construction. It also offers financing and after-sales services..

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