Mortgage loans for the purchase of a home increased by 2,7% YoY in December, until 29.513 firms, according to the data of the notaries. Also, the sale of a house touched the 60.000 transactions with an increase of 4%, in the face of falling prices of 1,7%, to stay in 1.452 euros / m2.

The housing market continues to return to normal within the economic crisis of the coronavirus and in the last month of 2020 recorded an increase in loans for the purchase of a house of the 2,7% The average amount of loans for the purchase of a house reached 147.623 euros, an increase of 4,9%.

He percentage of home purchases financed by a mortgage loan stood in the 49,6%. Also, in this type of purchases with financing, the amount of the loan was on average the 72,8%.

The home buying and selling He stood at 59.548 transactions, which supposes an interannual increase of 4%. By type of dwelling, the sale of flats, However, showed a reduction in 1,2% versus December 2020. the fall in apartment transactions was exclusively due to the contraction of second-hand apartments (6%), since the sale of new apartments rose a 25,3%. Other important increases were that of single-family homes, with a rise of 22,8%.

He square meter of homes purchased in December reached 1.452 €, thus reflecting a drop in 1,7% year-on-year.

[Source: Idealista]