Decade 100 euros of foreign investment arriving in Spain, more of 85 they stay in the Madrid's community. Ésta es la principal conclusión del balance sobre la entrada de divisas foráneas en el país durante los nueve primeros meses of the year, made with the data of the official registry of the Ministry of Economy.

In thick figures, between January and September they were invested 34.897 millions of euros coming from outside the national borders, of which 29.830 they chose the region as a destination. Second in the ranking, but at an abysmal distance, se sitúa Catalonia, who received the 5,3% of the total money, followed in turn by Basque Country (2,4%), the Valencian Community (1%) and Andalusia (0,7%).

«Todo tiene que ver con competitiveness and legal certainty que aporta el hecho de que también estemos debatiendo unos presupuestos pactados y que van a ser aprobados», he was credited solo this Thursday, the Madrid president, Angel Garrido, after knowing the data on foreign investment reached its autonomy, en una crítica implícita al process catalán y a las políticas del Gobierno central de Pedro Sánchez y del Ayuntamiento de la capital, liderado por Manuela Carmena. In the first three quarters of the year this figure has added here 19.246 millions of euros more than in the same period of 2017, which supposes an increase of 181%.

Regarding the origin of the investment received by Madrid in so far this year, he 48,1% comes from Germany, followed by Luxembourg (25%), Netherlands, (13,1%) and Hong Kong (5,4%). At the bottom of the table is USA (1,6%) timidly surpassed only by UK (2,5%).

In the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Employment rechazan que este último porcentaje ínfimo en comparación con otros pueda traducirse como un fracaso de la campaña institucional puesta en marcha desde la Puerta del Sol para atraer a empresas y capital expulsados por el Brexit effect, which has the economist Daniel Lacalle as ambassador. According to a regional spokesperson, this process is currently in a "trial phase" waiting for the British exit from the European Union y atribuyen la voluminosa entrada de dinero alemán a a "major business operation" that closed in the second quarter of the year, but about which no further details have transpired so far.

By sectors, between the months of January and September 2018 el grueso de las inversiones extranjeras recibidas se ha destinado al storage and transportation-related activities, they have concentrated almost half of the total volume. Already in a less prominent background are the supply of electric power, gas, steam and air (9,8%), real estate projects (9,5%), civil Engineering (7,2%) and construction of buildings (6,1%).

In addition to competitiveness and legal certainty, Garrido insistió este jueves en que Madrid attractive to foreign investor for its "low taxes" y por sus «noticias muy importantes para el crecimiento económico y el empleo». "This does not mean that we settle and we are not working", warned the regional president, that he will be able to add this last piece of information to the balance of his management to try to convince the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, that he has the backing of the management to be able to be nominated as a party candidate in the regional elections of 2019.

According to the data of the Ministry of Economy, since the crisis began in 2008, the Madrid's community concentrates the 61,5% de la inversión extranjera de España. In addition to the overall comparison of the first nine months of 2018, the region also leads the results during the third quarter of the year, when, received the 82% of the total foreign money –5.836 millions of euros-, followed by Catalonia (11,9%), the Valencian Community (1,4%), Aragon (1,3%), Andalusia (0,8%) and the Basque Country (0,7%).

[Source: The world]