Go to work, Go shopping, pick up the children from school… We tend to have many obligations on a day-to-day basis and that often prevents us from spending quality time with our sons and daughters. With the arrival of Christmas we have the right moment to spend time with the family.

We propose several activities to do from home and make the little ones enjoy.

The importance of spending time with the family

Many times we cannot spend quality time with our sons and daughters., between phone calls, messages and other distractions…

Spending quality time brings many benefits:

  • Improve communication
  • Strengthens emotional ties
  • Reduces stress in adults
  • Help in learning

Activities to make our Christmas more enjoyable

We propose several activities from home to make the little ones enjoy:

  • Crafts: Apart from helping the development of the imagination of the little ones we can give them a second, use by using them to be part of our Christmas decorations.

A very original idea is to make a nativity scene with bottle corks, an easy idea, economic and also does not help to recycle. We will use colored paper, markers and our bottle caps. You will love the result.

  • Family recipes: Cooking with our sons and daughters can be a very fun time that can help us improvise and create new flavors and new kitchen ideas.

  • Reading evenings: Reading is always a good idea, Being able to do it with our little ones can help them acquire good habits, Learn more vocabulary, increase your concentration and improve the way you express yourself, among others.
  • Movie days: Taking advantage of the afternoon to watch a Christmas movie with the family while eating popcorn is one of the plans that in our busy lives we do not have so much facility to do. Take advantage of the time we are in to watch movies with them and relax.

  • Sing carols: The music par excellence in these dates we all know that Christmas carols are. You can look for traditional Christmas carols or even in another language for apart from looking for fun we can teach or improve other languages.