Nowadays having a small room is the most common. The floors where we live, especially in big cities, they tend to be too small in some cases. And when space is missing, wit appears.

It is very important to think about colors, furniture and solutions that are compatible with our small living room. Looking for inspiration where we least expect, so in the next post we bring you some ideas so that decorating is not a difficult task.

  • Use vinyls. This can help us give a little more personality to our room without having to add a lot of furniture and creating a feeling of spaciousness..

  • High shelves, a practical solution. This type of furniture helps us in several aspects. First, we can place them as high as we want and make the most of the space in our living room. Second, it is a good way to organize our books and decoration.

We separate the spaces but without walls. Separating spaces or environments without walls is possible. There are many options to carry out the separation of the rooms. From structures to furniture.


  • Use multifunctional furniture.A shelf that serves as a TV cabinet is one of the millions examples that we can use to give various uses to our furniture.

  • One hundred percent white.It is always a good idea to use absolute white for small spaces.. With this little trick we will make our living room look bigger and brighter.

  • Less is more. A simpler decoration will help us give the feeling of more space. Also, is to bet on insurance, simple decoration doesn't mean it's less elegant.