The real estate sector is confident of recovering the fall in sales transactions registered during the pandemic after detecting that “demand is still strong”, that most of the projects under construction are still underway and that prices have not suffered major declines. A good conditional situation - in part- por la recuperación de las international connections y la afección que tenga el mercado laboral entre los más jóvenes, a circumstance that leads the experts to request the Junta de Andalucía to issue public guarantees that facilitate access to housing for this segment of the population.

Estas son algunas de las reflexiones escuchadas este martes durante la presentación de la próxima edición del Mediterranean Real Estate Exhibition (Simed), where the president of the Promoters Group of the Association of Builders and Promoters of the Province (ACP) from Malaga, Ignacio Peinado, pointed out that home sales in Andalusia have dropped by 23%, to which must be added the “important” decrease in projects that we will see underway in the coming months.

“I would like to emphasize that the current transactions are the presales of months or years ago” y los efectos de las restrictions serán palpables en los próximos meses, For this reason, Peinado has warned that the immediate future of the sector will depend on the decisions taken today.

The drop in operations has not been reflected - for now- in prices, that experience a year-on-year increase in 2,5 percent for the counting of the country, motivated in part by “dynamism” of a market driven by a “deseo de demand creciente” emerged from the pandemic. “Many people have realized that “your home is not useful for new needs”, has explained the director of Idealista in the South area, Carlos Rueda, who has added that residences are sought “bigger, with terrace or garden, with oxygen”.

Rueda ha afirmado que este concepto de vivienda está provocando un displacement de la población hacia el interior que es la principal causa de que en haya municipios donde los precios han aumentado entre un 15 and 20%.


El responsable de Idealista confía en que estemos ante una temporary crisis, why “demand is stagnant” and the interest in acquiring a property remains intact, as exemplifies that “Idealista's traffic has increased by 40 percent”.

Ignacio Peinado has highlighted that, a pesar de que se ha producido una slowdown de los proyectos en edificación, “they are not going to stop”, well the 70 percent of properties are in pre-sale.

Even though the situation is not chaotic -“We are not facing a banking crisis, se siguen dando mortgages“, Carlos Rueda has pointed out-, make forecasts “it's complicated” and will depend on the recovery of international connections and the evolution of the labor market.

“There are promotions on the Costa del Sol where the level of sales by foreigners exceeds 80%”, has explained the expert of the ACP of Malaga, who has stated that teleworking is an opportunity to attract new clients. Un mercado que entienden que no se verá dañado por las noticias de activities de segundas y primeras residencias porque “steps are being taken” to tackle this problem.

Mayores dudas genera entre los expertos la influencia del unemployment en la juventud y las trabas que genera a la adquisición o alquiler de un inmueble. “The average age of buyers has increased” due to job instability, Therefore, public administrations must take a step promoting Official Protection Housing (VPO) and offering legal guarantee to the owners.

Peinado ha insistido en la necesidad de que a Junta de Andalucía ofrezca public endorsements of the 95 or the 100% of the price of the house so that young people - with a certain stability- can face what will be the most important economic operation of their lives.

[Source: The world]