The price of the used housing has registered a decrease during the month of October in the two big capitals, Madrid and Barcelona, with a slight drop of 0,2%.

Autonomous communities

The price has been reduced by five autonomies, being Cantabria where the descents have been most felt, since the expectations of the owners have decreased a 1%. The declines of Andalusia (-0,7%) and The Rioja (-0,4%). The biggest increase, instead, has occurred in Navarra (1,9%), Catalonia (1,6%) and Baleares (1,4%).


During the month of October the number of capitals that have gone up in price has been 26. The steepest rise is that experienced by Pamplona, where the expectations of the owners grew a 2,6%. In Pontevedra the increase has been 2,5%, Meanwhile in Saint Sebastian has stayed in the 2,3%. Tarragona, meanwhile, has marked the biggest drop this month (-8,1%), Followed by Girona (-2,9%) and Soria (-2,6%). Prices have also fallen by Madrid and Barcelona (-0,2% in both cases).

The idealista property price index

For the realization of the idealista real estate price index, we have analyzed 379.729 households that were announced in its database on 29 October 2018. To ensure the accuracy of the data, those properties whose prices were out of market have been removed from the sample., in addition to the single-family homes because their presence distorted the price in some areas. The idealista real estate index is prepared with offer prices on built square meters.

[Source: Idealista]