The Statistical Information Center of the Notary Public has published the real estate data, mortgage and commercial corresponding to the month of June. The information comes from the deeds authorized before a notary during that period

Home purchase and sale: The sale of housing stood in June at 36.319 transactions, which supposes an interannual fall of the 20,9%. The average price per square meter of homes sold was 1.393 €, which supposes a fall of 3,9%.

Préstamos hipotecarios: Mortgage loans for the purchase of a home decreased by 14,1% y-o-y in June, until the 17.911 new loans. Its average amount experienced a drop in 3,9% in year-on-year terms, until the 145.938 €.

Constitution of societies: The number of companies incorporated in June was 7.406, representing a year-on-year drop in 6,3%. The average capital of the same was reduced by 1,1%, until the 17.324 €.