El precio de la vivienda se situó un punto por debajo que en el trimestre anterior. Madrid, Baleares and Catalonia son las regiones donde más back off he price of the houses in that period.

The price of housing at the annual rate in the first quarter stood at 6,2 percent, one point less than in the previous quarter, according to data from Statistics National Institute (OTHER) that place Madrid, Balearic Islands and Catalonia like the regions where further back the price of houses in that period. Specific, in the Madrid's community the price of housing at an annual rate falls by 1,7 points in the first quarter compared to the previous quarter, while Baleares and Catalonia descends in 1,6 points in both cases.

By contrast, the community where the annual variation increases the most is Cantabria with 1,3 points, in front of Murcia (0,8 points of difference between both quarters), Castilla la Mancha and Galicia, with increases of 0,3 points in both cases. By type of dwelling, the price rate of new home is from 5,7 percent with a drop of 1,7 points compared to the previous quarter. In the case of second hand, the annual variation drops almost one point to the 6,3 percent.

[Source: The reason]