Notaries have detected a first sign of a slowdown in the real estate market for the first time since the summer of 2016: the average price of housing registered in the notaries stood in July in the 1.376 euros per square meter (m2), what supposes a reduction of the cost of the houses of a 4,5% compared to the same month last year.

He housing prices stood in July at an average of 1.376 euros per square meter, he 4,5 % less than a year before, thus, this indicator recorded its first decline since August of 2016, according to data from General Council of Notaries, which point to the fact that sales increased by 4 %.

During the seventh month of the year, in Spain They registered 52.014 housing transactions, he 0,6 % plus than a year earlier in corrected terms (discounted the difference in public holidays).

By typology and back to the original series, the sale of flats rose the 2,2 %. In the free market, the increase was 2,9 %, thanks to the second hand sale rose the 4,6 % and offset the setback of 11,7 % registered in the new work. In the case of single-family homes, The sale and purchase registered an interannual increase of 11,2 %.

The average price of transactions decreased by 4,5 %, weighed down by the 5,5 % registered on the floors, since in the case of the chalets, the price increased the 1,3 %. In the case of the free market, the price of second-hand flats fell by 5,9 % (1.506 euros / m2), while that of new construction rebounded the 5,1 % (2.049 euros / m2).

The sale of other properties increased by 4,4 %, until 12.305 operations, of which the 39,2 % corresponded to land or plots. The average price per square meter of these transactions was 220 euros, he 4,1 % less than July 2017.

During the month of July, they were constituted 34.295 new mortgage loans, he 5,7 % plus than a year before, with an average amount of 189.193 euros, he 1,4 % plus.

Mortgages for the acquisition of a property rebounded the 10,4 % (26.706 loans), while those destined for construction decreased the 17,1 % (681 loans) and those requested to finance business activities decreased the 6,3 % (409 operations).

[Source: The vanguard]