Article written by Isabel Sánchez Rivera, asesora de Feng Shui

Many people have moved more than once or we know someone who has had to sell their home, to be able to go to that new home.

We all know two types of sellers, those who are able to sell in the worst moment of the real estate crisis, doing it quickly and successfully, and also surely you know that other type of seller who does not finish selling his house properly or on the crest of the economic bonanza.

The reasons for selling a home can be many and varied:

  • Have a better home
  • The family grows and I need more space
  • I have problems with payments and I cannot with the house
  • I move to another city
  • I want to change neighborhood
  • I have separated and I need to sell the house
  • It's an inheritance, I want to turn it into money

It does not really matter what is the reason that leads you to sell your house, the important thing is that you have made the decision. And here arise the main wishes of every seller: make a quick sale and at the best possible price on the market.

Como asesora de ‘Feng Shui’, in addition to transforming the spaces to improve your well-being, I am also in charge of adapting them to sell or rent them successfully.

There are many things we can do to achieve that challenge, quick sale and at the best price, for it We use techniques that I must tell you do work, como el ‘feng shui’, el ‘home staging’ and everything that the law of attraction has to put the sale of your home on the right track.

Keys to selling a home

Have everything ready

The first nod to the law of attraction tells us that we must have everything ready so that we can sign the sale of our house tomorrow. And what does that mean?

Check all the legal documentation of the house, scriptures, simple note, energy efficiency certificates, andc. And of course, do not forget also check your own documents so that everything is in force and nothing has expired.

‘Feng shui’ urgent

This part is very important, since on the one hand we are going to check that everything works in the house, that is, put on your glasses ‘Feng Shui’ and starts from the front door scoring everything is spoiled: bulbs that do not light, doorbell that doesn't ring, the blind that hasn't lowered for two years, the dripping tap…

En este ‘Feng Shui’ urgent would include a coat of paint for the home if it does not currently look sanitized, My recommendation is that you use a very soft sand tone or if it is a dark house, white.

Urgent Feng Shui is the book that I give to my clients when we do a ‘feng shui’ consultancy., in it I teach them to clear the stuck energy, that kind of energy accumulates in spoiled things and also, in energetic disorder, in unconscious accumulation.

The second step to do with 'urgent Feng Shui’ is to start clear junk space, think like you're going to move tomorrow. You have two options: pack everything and start throwing before entering the new house or, clear the energy right now so you don't take what you don't want to your new home.

Home Staging

This word so beautiful and now so fashionable translates into depersonalizing. When we depersonalize we try to remove everything personal that is in our house and make the house appear from the first moment ready to welcome its new owners.

It is proven that the purchase of a home is decided in the first five minutes of the visit, so we must try not to lose a single one.

Some keys to depersonalize our home are:

  • Remove all family photos
  • Keep the most personal decorative objects and leave only a few details, think that your house is going to appear in a decoration magazine and at the same time, think that the person who comes to your house would be happy to put their own decorative details
  • In the kitchen try to have the countertops as clear as possible, excess "stuff" creates visual stress
  • In the bathrooms everything must be collected, as if it were a hotel room, ready-to-use towels and all personal items out of sight
  • Percheros, spaces behind doors, umbrella stands and the like, must be completely empty
  • If you have large bookstores full of books, box at least two-thirds, people who visit the house should feel that their books can also fit on that wonderful shelf that you leave

Prepare your move

Another nod to the universe consists of making part of the move from this first moment, Among other things because in the previous step you will have had to remove things and logically you cannot leave a lot of boxes in the house.

A very successful option may be rent a storage room or a temporary moving service to store your belongings until the moment of transfer to your new home.

Take advantage of that moment to also remove the clothes out of season from the closets, as well as what you will not use in the next three months, since you are not going to be in that house, at least that's what we intend.

Visiting protocol

The person who usually lives in the house is a great ambassador. You know the house perfectly, so you know what their strengths are and also their weakest.

Surely, what you least like to see can be that very interior bathroom, or the terrace of the kitchen that overlooks a patio with lots of noise. On the more positive side, you know that your spacious kitchen is the place where people always hang out for a long time when they are at home..

Before receiving any visit from buyers, trace a route by following these instructions:

  • The tour must begin at the entrance of the house and should end in the living room, since it is the place where agreements are closed
  • Try to make the route circular, interspersing the most committed stays so that the best are always the last, in this way the positive reinforcement will remain in the buyer's memory
  • In the best rooms, take the opportunity to stay a little longer, open the window to show the garden, allow them to move around the most spacious room, etc. You know well what you have to do

An anchor point

If you want to differentiate yourself from other sellers, once the interested parties have left home and you want them to remember your home in a special way, give them a detail.

Something that all buyers appreciate and much is having a plan of your future home, have a copy of the plans ready in a plastic folder or similar of the house, Also include a small page with your personal and contact information.

In that little page write at the beginning “Your house in (with the address of the home)“, in this way you are using language to make that future buyer feel like your home, if your house chooses it.

Yes, you read well, as a feng shui consultant I have a theory about it, We don't choose the house, rather they choose us, a love at first sight arises and she knows that your next life begins within her walls.

If you really want to sell your home successfully, start by applying these simple points, give your house all the love it needs right now, in this way she will feel grateful and show all her potential to the new owners.

[Source: Idealista]