The Retiro park in Madrid, It is located in the heart of Madrid. Known as the lung of the city, It has a long history and is the favorite place of many Madrilenians. However, hides secrets that many do not know. Do you dare to discover them?

Its origin. Its origin dates back to the early seventeenth century when the Count-Duke of Olivares gave it to Felipe IV. For years its wonderful gardens were the exclusive use of the monarchs. Carlos III allowed the entry to citizens and after the Revolution of 1868 the park became the City Hall.

Its waters. To clean the pond it was necessary to empty it in the year 2001. What was found under its waters? Well of everything we can imagine: chairs, city ​​hall fences, mobile, skateboards, Even urns of the deceased with their ashes! It is impressive to know what people are capable of shooting anywhere ...

Your flowers. Strolling through the park's trails is a delight for the senses. Its flowers play an essential role.

Crystal Palace. In the heart of the park we find the Crystal Palace, a building built in iron and glass and that shapes one of the most beautiful corners of the Retiro. The best time to visit it is in the morning when the sun's reflection falls directly on it, giving it an incredible tone..

The oldest tree. The oldest tree in Madrid is in the Retiro park. It is believed that it has been planted there since the year 1663. If you want to see it, go to the door of Spain, on the side that adjoins Calle Alfonso XII. It is an ahuehuete and is located in the Parterre gardens.