Many are the families who are confined in our country. If for adults this situation is distressing, for the little ones of the house it can become a very difficult experience to carry.

From Bafre Inmobiliaria we share a series of ideas to help calm that feeling of anxiety that can create them:

-Unload your energy:

One of the key elements to pass this closure is the discharge of energy. Our little ones are earthquakes that are used to exercising their body daily. We must find ways that they can continue to do so.

You can prepare different games for them as a test circuit where they can jump, dance, pass obstacles…it would be a kind of gymkhana where in addition to discharging its energy, have fun and entertain.

-Creative activities:

It is a good time for the little ones to take advantage of their most imaginative side. It would be interesting to get involved with them and strengthen the family bond either by reading stories, doing crafts or dressing up together. Something that also, it would help us the older ones to entertain ourselves and forget about what is happening outside.

-Make them important at home:

While we take care of cleaning, order and organize…sure there are many options in which our children can help us. You can invite them to help us cook, save the purchase, vacuuming…It is a good way for them to feel useful and see the importance of their collaboration..

-Traditional games:

Although we live in a technological age, let's not forget that children are still children and they like the same options that we used to like. Put electronic devices aside for a while and sit as a family playing board games, build puzzles, assemble parts etc.

-Communication is key:

The little ones still do not understand very well what is happening, that is why it is very important to explain what is happening and take advantage of this confinement to reinforce our complicity as a family. It is important to continue asking them how the day has gone or if they are well.

Something good for them would be to let them participate in group video calls with family and friends that they may be missing and that helps them see that they are still there and can count on them..


It is important not to convey our concerns to them, since this stage will pass and the children will return to their normal lives. We must bear in mind that the little ones are also going through the confinement in the best way that they can and , therefore, From Bafre we want to congratulate you and tell you that you are warriors.