In these quarantine days where we have already tried all kinds of entertainment, it is necessary to look for activities that, in addition to helping us pass the time, benefit us mentally and physically.

It is the case of painting. Did you know that painting reduces stress and delays memory loss? Innate talent is not necessary, we can all create and benefit from it.

From Bafre Inmobiliaria we teach you the types of advantages that practicing this art has.

Improve your communication skills

Through painting it is possible to express different feelings and emotions that are not usually easy to communicate regularly.. Painting offers you the possibility of taking out what you have inside.

A gym for your brain

Just like we exercise so as not to lose physical shape, the same thing happens when you paint with the left hemisphere of the brain. Makes it strengthen and improve your abilities.

Maintains or improves your mental health

In these times of COVID-19 where the mind can play tricks on us, painting through concentration manages to get rid of those negative thoughts or worries. Promoting mood and pushing symptoms of depression and anxiety out of your head.

Benefits in your motor skills

Thanks to developing the paint you can increase your fine motor skills. In the In the case of children, painting is of special importance for the development of this type of motor skills, and in adults, helps keep it.

It is fun and enjoyable

Right now we are looking for something to entertain us, but we also like it. Therefore, using paint is good for your health, as it helps us stay happy and relaxed, stimulating your ideas and tuning the hormone of happiness, serotonin.