#BafreVR draw – www.bafrevr.es

From Bafre Inmobiliaria we have launched the campaign #bafreVR where by visiting our properties through virtual reality different prizes will be obtained, such as:

  • Smartphones
  • Travels
  • SmartTV
  • Game consoles
  • Travels
  • Etc.

***Plus, just for following us on Facebook, you will enter the raffles for virtual glasses


Steps to follow to participate:

1- Follow us on Facebook (required): www.facebook.com/bafreinmobiliaria/

You can also follow us on Instagram @bafre_inmobiliaria. You can participate in both, having therefore, more chances of winning prizes.

2- Share the publication we will launch each time with the current prize

Once the three keys are located, you must:

3- Respond in the publication where the three keys have been found in the homes, with the provided code.

Or from Facebook on your own wall, mentioning us and / or dleave us a comment with the hashtag #bafreVR.

Also on Instagram, through Instagram stories.

What is #bafreVR?:

We have hidden three keys ("Easter eggs") in three random properties in our portfolio. They are only viewable within virtual reality. They can be hidden in different rooms or objects in the house. Just follow the arrow icons (or other icons) and write down the code of that key.

You can access our properties with VR through:


Remember always mention us and have a public profile so that we can access to see it.

The prize will be won by the first user who puts the three codes on Facebook.

Compare properties:

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