Bafre Real Estate has completed the sale of the promotion Plazza Alegre located on the streets Sabanero and Alfaro. It is a promotion of 31 homes distributed in a multi-family residential building with homes of 2,3 and 4 bedrooms with garage, storage room and pool.

Bafre began marketing in February 2017, when the works had not yet started and the licenses were still pending. In January of this year, it was already sold more than 50% of the promotion.

To get your sale, from the Marketing team, Bafre focused his attention through different SEO-SEM campaigns, in addition to his traditional work at street level in the Calle de la Oca office 71.


Plazza Alegre is located in a commercial area with the necessary services to cover all needs. Within a radius of 800 m is located the Gómez Ulla Central Defense Hospital, the Zaida Social Services Center, the Vista Alegre Palace and the Cerro Almodóvar Park, among other prominent locations.