Due to the success of our #bafreVR campaign we want to reward your participation, that's why and so that you can find the keys hidden in the floors more easily, We have decided to raffle virtual reality glasses among our followers.

What do yo have to do to participate?

1-Follow us on our Facebook page (required):

You can also follow us on Instagram @bafre_inmobiliaria . You can participate in both, having, so, more possibilities of obtaining the prize.

2-Share this post and mention us, either on the Instagram stories or on the Facebook wall, it is important to have your public profile so that we can see it.

3-Mention to 2 real friends in the comments of this same post (either on Facebook or on Instagram).

Among all the participants we will raffle some virtual reality glasses and… THEY ARE NOT THE ONLY! We have many more that we will deliver to you in different periods of time while #bafreVR lasts

The draw will end next Monday 11 of May, where we will publish the winner and we will contact him.

Do not forget that soon we will put the second prize of the campaign, so stay tuned to our networks that from Bafre Servicios Inmobiliarios we are waiting for you with a lot of gifts.

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