• It is completely free and does not require registration or registration
  • It is available for iOS and Android platforms
  • Works for all types of homes, and also premises and ships

Bafre Inmobiliaria launches a new application for iOS and Android mobile devices, thanks to which the owner of a property can know in a few seconds how many potential buyers Bafre has for a specific property.

It is an App in which the characteristics of the property are filled, the area where it is located and the price at which it is intended to sell. In just a few clicks it is complete. Then the request is sent and actual results of potential buyers who have shown interest on occasion in properties of these characteristics will appear.

In this way, Bafre boasts of being able to contact interested clients from the first moment they work with a property, without even going to upload it to real estate portals or their website.

According to David Ramón, marketing director of Bafre Inmobiliaria, "In the market there are many applications and websites that provide information according to filters that detail buyers, showing them the floors that might interest you. Through the App, we have done the same but in reverse. Now it is the owners who, detailing the characteristics of the property, can know the number of buyers that we have in our database and who would be interested in a property like theirs ”.

The App is completely free and does not require registration or registration. Potential buyers can be found by district or further refined by selecting a specific neighborhood.

Once the consultation is finished, if the user wishes, you can contact Bafre, the nearest commercial office or request a call.

The application also allows the results to be shared through social networks or messaging services since, point from Bafre, "Not all homeowners are familiar with these technologies, but your children or younger family members if, and in this way they can report the results ”.

At the moment it only offers data for properties in Madrid, since it is where Bafre operates. Even if, "The results will improve in other areas of the capital thanks to the expansion plan of the company that plans to open at least three more offices this year".

About Bafre Servicios Inmobiliarios

Founded in the year 2004, Bafre is a real estate agency with its own network of offices that currently operates in the Community of Madrid. Manages the sale and rental of second-hand properties and markets new construction. It has a wide portfolio of investor clients.

It also offers financing and after-sales services..



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