According to data from the real estate portal for the month of August, the price of used housing for sale went up, in that month, a 1% with respect to the month of July, although the interannual rate is still negative (-0,3%). During the month of August, all provinces except 2 (Palencia and Soria) increased in price compared to the previous month.

In this month's report we highlight a notable increase in the price of second-hand housing at the national level of a 1% after the descent of 3% 2nd quarter of the year. Price goes up in most provinces, However, in large markets such as Madrid and Barcelona the price falls and it also does so in second-home markets.

He real estate portal observa un ascenso del precio de la vivienda usada en venta durante el mes de Agosto con respecto a Julio. The average price of the square meter of the used home for sale is located in 1.708 Euros versus 1.692 Euros that ended July.

Ranking of the most expensive / cheapest provinces to buy a house in the month of August

Balearic Islands (3.230€/m2), Barcelona (3.090€/m2) and Guipúzcoa (3.017€/m2) are the provinces where it is more expensive to buy a second-hand home, Vizcaya follows (3.009€/m2) and Madrid (2.758€/m2). Conversely, Lion (1.129€/m2), Real city (1.130€/m2), Badajoz (1.150€/m2), Palencia (1.158€/m2) and Cáceres (1.221€/m2) are the provinces where the price per square meter is cheaper.

Provinces and capitals that have dropped / increased the most in price during the month of August

The Spanish provinces in which housing prices fell the most during the month of August were: Soria (-0,9%) and Palencia (-0,5%). Conversely, the provinces with the highest price increases were: Burgos (2%), Navarra (1,7%), Badajoz (1,5%), Ávila (1,5% and Alicante (1,5%).

The provincial capitals that fell the most in price during the month of August: Badajoz (-0,6%), Barcelona (-0,5%), Cuenca (-0,4%), Palma de Mallorca (-0,2%) and Madrid (-0,2%). On the contrary, the capitals that rose the most in price were: She. Tenerife cross (1,1%), A Coruña (0,5%), Sevilla (0,5%), Valencia (0,3%) and Bilbao (0,3%)

What has happened in the big capitals during the month of August?

Analyzing the prices of the month of August in Madrid and Barcelona Capital, the 2 capitals fall in price, Madrid does it a 0,2% and Barcelona a 0,5%. The average price per square meter is located in 3.665 Euros in Madrid and 3.603 Euros in Barcelona. Examining by District, in Madrid they stand out: Salamanca, Chamartín, Chamberí and Retiro with an average price per square meter of 5.211 Euros and in Barcelona: Eixample, Les Corts, Sarrià-Sant Gervasi and Ciutat Vella with an average price per square meter of 5.083 Euros.

In two of the most important national capitals like Seville (2.458 €/m2) and Valencia (2.255 €/m2). The two capitals increase in price during the month of August, a 0,5% Seville and a 0,3% Valencia. The districts of Nervión, Los Remedios and Casco Antiguo are the most expensive in Seville with an average price of 3.610 € / m2 and in Valencia, Old City, L ’Example and El Pla del Real with an average price of 3.508 €/m2.